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A Gift to All

As I write this my father, Luis Zalamea, is dying.  He has had a remarkable life and lived it fully to the age of 91.  His birthday is March 15, –but alas, as fate would have it, he may not see it.  Everyone has ways of coping with heart wrenching grief and mine may be a bit odd – but it is helping, and I hope honoring him as well.  For the past 2 weeks, as I drove cross country from Pensacola, Fl. to Portland, Or.  I have been randomly leaving copies of our book – Steps Toward the Light on car windshields.  Call it bizarre, or pathetic – but it is my way of freeing his spirit and words – for those who would otherwise never read them…..I am gifting the best of both of us and in this way honoring him.  I still have 75 or so copies left and plan to continue my pilgrimage as I wonder the streets of Portland (where I now reside) with my dog – shedding tears…..If you find one – I hope you will take the words to heart and share them with others.


Yours in grief,

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