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New poem for dad

My father died on Feb. 24th – He is missed and his passing is still fresh – but I have begun to try and write once again –

   A Final Birthday Gift           
                                                     (for my dearest father who would have      been 92 yesterday)

            I stare out of the early spring window
            of my heart
            to see the last few leaves
            on the walnut tree
            cling as a testamentIMG_3231
            to the harsh winter,
            a shadow
            to the new fire red blooms
            burning their
            desire of life
            toward the sky –
            and so it is
            for you and I :
            you have reached
            your final spring,
            and left me staring
            from my heart
            at the sudden
            and cleansing rain
            in this waking city,
            where the cherry blossoms
            and dogwood create
            carpets I dare not tread,
            and the daffodils
            sing  in the afternoon
            crocuses purple
            and pink sprout
            under the winters
            dried weeds and withered grass…

            I am a child of early spring,
            like you –
            we are soft
            in the  moist new earth,
            but harsh on the land –
            you have to dig deep
            to see the beauty
            we sing in our
            weary winter hearts,
            but there you
            will be blinded
            by our crimson light,
            our deep felt words
            and ancient roots.
            I will sing for you
            you have done
            and felt enough,
            rest –
            fly past the weary faces
            of those who love you
            and fear letting  you go –
            past the heavy burdens
            of the humid ,
            Southern city
            you never loved,
            past the edge of madness,
            and all its loud rumbles,
            beyond the tropical
            heat and the noise –
            and let tonight’s hidden
            cool moon
            embrace you
            as you flow
            toward the sea…..
            There the coolNa Pali Coast and surf seen from Kee Beach, sunset. Kauai island, Hawaii, USA
            waters are fed
            by these spring rains
            and you and I
            will laugh again,
            plot our poems
            and face whatever
            may come…..

            Rest and know
            that my tears
            write for you
            now and

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